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What to expect when you arrive for your appointment.

Upon arrival at The Spire or Nuffield Hospital new patients will be asked to complete a registration form. Follow up patients can take this opportunity to ensure that we hold accurate information (eg: address, telephone numbers etc.) Your initial appointment with Mr Fish will last about 30 minutes and during this time he will take a thorough history and undertake a clinical examination. The examination will vary according to the nature of your condition and certain specialized investigations may be performed.. Special investigations performed at the time of the appointment may include an audiogram or tympanometry, ear microscopy or ear suction, rigid or flexible nasal or laryngopharyngeal endoscopy and videostroboscopy. All are undertaken by Mr Fish himself. If any specialised investigations are required then these will be billed in addition to the consultation fee.

Sometimes further tests are necessary, such as x-rays, blood tests, MRI scans, CT scans, Ultrasound scans or allergy testing. The majority of tests are performed within the Spire or Nuffield Hospitals For complex balance assessments (which may take up to three hours to perform) or complex audiology tests, further arrangements will be made.

Please note that hearing tests on children aged 4 or under are not usually possible at the Clinic, and children of this age seeing Mr Fish are referred to a Paediatric Audiologist for a hearing test.

Once the test results have been received by Mr Fish you will be invited to make a follow-up appointment at your convenience.

Follow up appointments are tailored to clinical need and will vary in length. In the interests of the patient we aim to complete treatment as quickly as possible and in the fewest sessions possible.

Urgent appointments can be facilitated by Mr Fish’s PA Anne Moralee if none are available

Tel: 01223 370939

email: [email protected]

Nuffield Hospital Cambridge

Thursday mornings 8am-12.30 pm

Same day neck ultrasound +/- biopsy available

Tel: 01223 855065


Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

Friday mornings 8am – 12.30pm

Same day neck ultrasound +/- biopsy available

Monday afternoons 2-4pm (Weeks 2 and 4)

Tel: 01223 266990